Out of Hackey - Synopsis

Danny is a 34-year-old marooned in a low paid unmotivating job as a security guard, with limited to non-existent expectations. He is living in a poor estate in the inner London Borough of Hackney, frustrated at the way life has taken him, and the limiting stereotrypes that society bestows on a black male.

With a university education behind him, the realisation that he could have peaked in life is an unpalatable thought. A chance encounter in a 'shabeen' with a femme fatale by the name of Chantel makes Danny re-evaluate his life. After a sexual liaison, she entices him into her plan to raid the flat above his own, which is being used as a front (by her ex-boyfriend, Mikey) to sell drugs.

What follows is a hilarious and at times tragic existential journey of mind and body, through a noirish subterranean London, accompanied by his two friends, Femi, a second generation Nigerian motorcycle courier, and Peter, a black Yorkshireman. Over the course of a bank holiday weekend, the three pass through the bars and unlicensed drinking clubs of Hackney, meeting an assortment of Hackney characters, from black Lotharios, to middle-aged women on the pull.

The raid on the flat goes horribly wrong, with dramatic circumstances which lead to Danny fleeing London from the police, Chantel, and his own personal nightmare.


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