London Calling

England's quarterfinal match against Portugal in Euro 2004 brings out contradictory emotions in a group of second-generation friends: Adebayo and Danny second generation Nigerian; Peter second generation Jamaican and Nikesh second generation Asian. A clouding of identity and what it is to be English today. The game, which they watch in a pub in the diversely mixed borough of Hackney, elicits a bout of nationalism and pride of the flag.

Into the mix is added Adebayo's relationship with Eva from the new Polish community in Stoke Newington. Part of the new influx of eastern Europeans; what Adebayo sees as the changing landscape of Hackney, London.

Adebayo had an altercation with an eastern European earlier in the day who is revealed to be Eva's brother. He strongly disapproves of their relationship. As the game heads to a penalty shoot out, Eva tries to tell Adebayo she is pregnant with his child before her racist brother can confront Adebayo, or Adebayo's friends reveal the information.




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